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Cathy Buggs
Cathy BuggsUpdated 9 months ago

Free utility to test DNS performance

Ever wondered whether your DNS servers are impeding your internet experience? Well, question no more. DNS Benchmark is a free download that can test the DNS server performance of your internet service provider (or any other DNS servers for that matter). GRC DNS Benchmark can help identify poor performance that might be slowing down your whole online experience.

What DNS should I use?

An internet DNS resolving nameserver is essential if you want to surf the net. DNS stands for Domain Name Server. DNS server, a nameserver, or a resolver. All mean the same thing: they are servers that translate domain names into the numeric IP addresses. Simply, you won't get much done online without a DNS.

Your internet service provider (ISP) usually offers its own DNS servers, which your devices will use by default. But how do you know if these are optimal when compared with other publicly available alternatives on the internet?

DNS Benchmark software provides you with an answer, giving you insight into what's happening with your system's currently assigned DNS servers. By running an analysis, you will be able to determine the exact performance of local and remote DNS nameservers. DNS Benchmark will automatically compare your DNS nameserver performance with many well-known publicly available alternatives.

With that all information, you can optimize your DNS performance, setting your own preferred DNS servers for a bit of improved speed. Your geographical location and ISP will affect how fast the DNS server option is. 

How do I download DNS Benchmark?

DNS Benchmark was developed by Gibson Research Corporation (GRC). It is simple to download this free utility for Windows (including Windows 10 and available for Linux). Once downloaded, you just need to run and launch the small (147 KBytes) executable file (there's nothing to install) to get going. DNS Benchmark won't change anything on your computer or affect your system.

Alternatives to DNS Benchmark include Namebench, DNS Jumper, Windows DNS Changer, and Simple DNS Plus. DNS Benchmark is not available for Mac or iPhone.

How does DNS Benchmark work?

GRC's DNS Benchmark is crammed with features to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding internet users. Its most complex options are designed to enable serious DNS performance investigation. For this reason, however, it can also seem a bit daunting for casual and first-time users. To combat this, GRC provides extensive online guidance for the uninitiated.

After installation, DNS Benchmark will open in the main window, which features various tabs along the top. It's a good idea to read the contents of the Introduction tab first, as it contains useful advice on how to run a successful analysis.

Once you're ready to run the benchmark, you just select the Nameservers tab and click Run Benchmark. You can also quickly start and stop the benchmark by clicking on the red GRC 'G' logo. DNS Benchmark will perform a detailed analysis and comparison of the operational performance and reliability of up to 200 DNS nameservers at once.

If you start the benchmark in its default configuration, it will identify all DNS nameservers that your system is configured to use. It will then add them to its built-in list of publicly available alternative nameservers. Each DNS nameserver in the benchmark list is carefully classified to ascertain its suitability for your use as a DNS resolver.

The idea of suitability to a specific user is important to consider since DNS performance is affected by where you are located in relation to the nameservers being tested. Another user might comment on how fast a certain DNS server is for them, but unless you both are in the same location, there's no guarantee that it will perform as well for you.

You can only determine the fastest DNS servers for you by testing them from your own location with a program like DNS Benchmark. To ensure the most accurate results possible, you can make sure DNS Benchmark is the only tool or program using your internet connection during the test. Turn off any streaming services, online games, or other downloads that might be using your internet to get the best results.

How can I improve DNS performance?

DNS Benchmark will compare the performance and apparent reliability of the DNS nameservers your system is using with all of the working servers on the list of alternative nameservers.

Once the benchmark has concluded, non-advanced users will find it essential to read the Conclusions tab. This tab presents a comprehensive yet understandable summary of all important findings and conclusions. You can then use this advice to improve your DNS performance.

Based on the results, you may choose to change the usage order of your system's own DNS namesakes. Alternatively, you might decide to switch to one or more alternative nameservers if they offer superior performance or features. Advanced users will find it interesting to deep dive into the applications' more complex features to configure their DNS servers to their exact requirements.

Quick and effective DNS testing

A poorly performing DNS server will slow down almost anything you try to do online. DNS Benchmark from GRC is a comprehensive, accurate, and free utility that lets you test multiple DNS servers. The results of its analysis can help you improve your DNS performance and speed up your web experience.

The program may appear a little overwhelming to inexperienced users. To counter this, as well as generate detailed data for experts, DNS Benchmark also provides a Conclusions tab with summary information for more casual users. This makes it a useful program for a range of different users looking to choose the fastest DNS server and improve their surfing speeds.


  • Tests the performance of local and remote DNS nameservers
  • Determines whether your ISP's Domain Name Servers are optimal
  • Provides detailed information on the test results
  • Can help optimize DNS performance
  • Extensive online guidance for casual users
  • Sufficient features for advanced users


  • Information overload for beginners

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DNS Benchmark for PC

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  • Ian Iver

    by Ian Iver

    It does exactly what is says on the tin. This is the most valuable tool to help you decide which nameservers to use. Fantastic.


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